I wish it was all over!

Its only the 30th of November and Im already fed up of Christmas 2013! Stupid music, silly hats, tatty tinsel and that fat Santa guy!!!! I had to walk out of Tescos this week with them blasting out Fairytale of New York…….Get me out oh here. I wish it was all over!


Who will shout STOP?

Well who will shout STOP.

This Late Late Toy Show mania is just out of control. What looks like a crazed drug pusher RTE is pushing an idealized view of life, based on money, commercialisation and untruths all wrapped up as something which we all must have.

It started with Risin Time with Shay Byrne this morning to Morning Ireland and I am sure it continued on all day, peddling a Christmas Hysteria.

Somebody needs to shout STOP?

Can it be you?